Master The Art Of Hot Girl Sex With These Nine Tips

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Hello, long time lurker, I finally have something to tell you. Pretty long story my apologies, I'm in my early thirties, tall and thin. I leave nearby Paris. Yes, I'm French, so be kind with my mistakes. I'm also married, with some needs unsatisfied.. She, call her V., are in her early forties, taller than average, curvy but not fat ! And a MILF who knows what she wants. For the story, I'm a beginner in libertinage.. She is quite more experimented ! I hook up months ago with her on a website about French saunas. The kinky ones : naturist and/or libertines. We exchange some emails, and talking about meeting up in sometime. And, suddenly, no news from her. OK, i can understand that. I was pretty busy within this months so.. Wednesday, I received a call for an interview in Paris. So i took my Friday afternoon. Because I'll have some time before my interview, I'll plan to have some time for myself and relax in a sauna. I remember about V. and think : Fuck it, I'll ask her if she want to meet me ! Happily, for you and for me, she answers back saying she was available and wanting to resume where we were.. So on this Friday afternoon, I was about to meet nude girl pictures a charming libertine MILF, and add an important interview after. We met in a organic-something cafe, the meal was nice, she was clever and interesting. After the meal, she asks me if I still want to go in a sauna. Fucking yes ! So we headed to a nearby libertine sauna. She already know this one, but for couples and single females sessions. Friday, on the afternoon, was open to single men. It was... different. We entered the sauna, and there was waiting men everywhere ! The ambiance was.. something too. Everyone was polite and respectful but they all expect something, it was obvious.. We take off our clothes on the changing room. First time I can see her body. A nice body for an woman in her forties, curvy, nice boobs and ass, a pleasure to see.. We go to the showers, under the glances of the men around. I have to told you : every time, we change place, the sauna, the hammam or the showers, there was men lurking and waiting. Polite but omnipresent ! They was a few couples too, but all locked in more privates rooms. We began to enjoy the sauna then the hammam. Finally, we headed to one of this privates rooms to enjoy some privacy.. We began to chat about the "ambiance" and stuff.. Finally, she leaned to me and began to kiss me. The interesting part begins here.. We kissed, and our hands began to reach each other. I was rock hard in the second.. My hands are on her breast and i can feel hers on my shaft and under my balls.. She knows how to tease a man !! After a few minutes of kissing and touching each other, I asked her to lie on her back. I take her boobs in hand and began to massage it, including her hard nipples. Then i taken them in my mouth, alternatively. My right hand began to move south, and caress her hip, ass cheek and thigh.. I can have a good look to her pussy now. A little patch of hair is just above her shaved pussy lips and asshole. My right hand began to stroke her clit, she moaned even more. I enter one, then two fingers in her soaking pussy and my tongue begins to play with her clit. She tastes good, i loved it, i began to fingerfuck her with my tongue or my finger on her pussy. She moaned and jiggled, forcing her pussy against my mouth. I entered a third finger and slowly massage her vagina. She laugh lightly but I can feel she enjoys every second of it. I felled her hand on my dick, and her touch becomes firmer. She wants to please me now. I am on my knees, rock hard, with the hands of a naked women on my dick, gently stroking it, for a few seconds.. She takes my dick's head in her mouth, i was in heaven. She was stroking and sucking my dick with hunger. She knows how to blow a man. Soon, she take all my + inches in her mouth, wow.. Alternating stroking and deepthroating my dick, it was fabulous.. After a few minutes, i just want to fuck V., but I need some condoms (i thought i can find some in the rooms but no..), i need to quit the room.. There are or men waiting for opportunities, i have to turn them down.. I have to ask the receptionist for condoms, in front of one or two couples. No shame, but for a first time.. I go back with some condoms and can close the door ! It's time to return on business ! Just after i closed the room, she take me in her mouth again. She loves it and me too ! After a brief instant, i was rock hard and put a condom on. Note for later : take my own condoms, the standard ones are too tight.. I finally enter her vagina and began to fuck her in missionary. I alternate rhythms and moves and i can feel she enjoys every thrust. Every now and then, she moaned and laughed lightly.. a pleasure to see a women enjoying sex ! After nude girls pic twenty minutes or more, i began to be tired but i know i couldn't cum this way. I pull out and remove the condom. I began to stroke myself, wondering what could we do next. She crawl to me and take my dick in her mouth again.. I was in Heaven for the third time.. Not long after, i was about to cum and warned her (twice). She keeps sucking and I cum in her mouth.. i almost faint and i have to take off, my dick was too sensitive. Definitively, she knows how to please a man. I was thinking about my professional interview later this afternoon so we jump off the room to the nearest clock. I have time but not enough for recovering and round . We headed to the showers then the sauna to dry ourself. We go to the changing rooms, put our clothes on, I comb my hair, knot my tie and we exit the sauna.. A little walk, a little chat and it's time to say goodbye. A last kiss and we each go our ways. TL/DR: a married man fuck an almost unknown MILF in a Parisian sauna before a important professional interview. I expect I see her again soon.. Paris-Throw_Away comment