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  1. PVE never had this in my zone. Rrs Resources. ...

    PVE never had this in my zone.
    Rrs Resources.
    Zvz-Zone vs Zone
  2. ENFORCING officers and SQUAD CAPTAIN'S TOOLS to be intact in group work

    Forming a squad is a great daily or weekly event, as captain hands out task to his followers and bringing activities to the guild that can keep them alive and occupied.

    Understanding the position...
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    ZONE 28. JOIN WSA We Stand as One

    Join our new family to experience a solid team work where everyone harvest ur needs to Your build. Our goal to maintain balance in power and demonstrate a level equality to identical formation. We...
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    More territory defense

    A suggestion that guild vs guild can install a no fly zone on territory. a certain defense lvl upgrade can produce a territory anti air that attacks unkown air craft. This way more of inactive...
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