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    Many thanks, Sir D3vil5ro53. We really need...

    Many thanks, Sir D3vil5ro53.

    We really need more support from people over this idea of having a zone chat moderator. for a fair conversation and not like a constant dramatic spam which may happen...
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    Zone chat moderator, please!

    Hello people,

    I have an idea that first came to my mind a long time ago, but I decided to suggest that each zone shall have a chat moderator to handle and make the chat more continuing as we are...
  3. Of course, we still have not found some players...

    Of course, we still have not found some players from Singapore. And remember, the chat room is set to open, hence any Singaporeans can come to our chat room easily. I think fewer Singaporean players...
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    [SG9] Singapore Elite is recruiting! #18

    Singapore Elite
    is recruiting
    any active Singaporeans, especially some foreigners
    to join our guild.
    We just installed our houses somewhere inside Zone 18 and are now looking for people, mostly...
  5. Looking for a Singaporean guild or just join an upcoming one

    *Please, I am not sure if I have started this thread on the wrong or right subforum as far afield as I am going to talk about joining a chat room (added from the update) and that I think recruiting...
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