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Thread: Counterstrike option

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    Counterstrike option

    Many zones become stagnant because teams stack all the great players onto one team. Teams that are active ie. 50%+ of the base who are active with a minimum 50 players who receive 10% or more damage from the government should get a counterstrike nuclear option. It would just make the game more lively lol.

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    I don't know about a counter stike nuclear option, but an option to buy surface to air missles would be nice.. You could then deploy a missle on incoming attack.. To counter this, we could also have flares for the planes.. These items would need to be purchased and expensive, like an Advanced Teleport... If someone uses a missile on an incoming attack, the attacker would lose 1/2 his attack power, unless he had purchased a flare.. Seeing as the items would be expensive and a one time use item, they would really add to the fun of this war game.. JMO ..

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