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Thread: Captured Commanders

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    Captured Commanders

    I am sure this has been said before or some way mentioned. My idea is when you captured the enemy commander you should be able to use them for those 3 days you have them in jail. So let's say I captured a commander that was built for resources....while I have that commander it should boost my resources or gathering a % of what the commander would normally do. That way while your holding that commander prisoner he will be useful for you. What does everyone else think?

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    It would be a useful way for having captured commanders

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    This would not work think this way if you captured with a level 21 prison 25 commanders who all have talents set in one directions lets say recource production then 25commanders x 450% recource production then this would be 11250% boost this would be insane and would anbalance the game.

    the idea is sweet but needs alot of work before it could go live and alot of exploits atm

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    I agree what your saying.... but there should be more use to capturing a commander instead of just holding him prisoner. Make each commander help you in some way while sitting in prison. Even if it's a small percent but just needs more meaning.

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    I like the idea but how about instead of taking on the buffs of the capt commander it just adds a boost to the buffs you have on your commander so if you have a lvl 1-20 commander it adds 5% boost and 20-40 a 10% boost and a lvl 41-50 a 15% boost per capt commander what do you think

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    Perhaps, it would take away the idea that it is still an enemy. But maybe the idea is about sucking the ability of that commander into one of yours. I like your idea, so that it could be an added consequence.
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    Just like prison in real life .... gotta be able to use the commanders we capture to some use because you only have them for 3 days. I am sure there is something the commanders could do for someone that captures them. I like where ninja was taking it.

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