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Thread: Looking for a Singaporean guild or just join an upcoming one

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    Smile Looking for a Singaporean guild or just join an upcoming one

    *Please, I am not sure if I have started this thread on the wrong or right subforum as far afield as I am going to talk about joining a chat room (added from the update) and that I think recruiting on this subforum might mean that not only for guild, but it also means for the newly featured chat room system. Please, moderator(s), if you think you might move my thread into a compatible subforum*


    I am addressing you as I am looking for at least an active Singaporean guild in a zone where I could join you and that my will to join you Singaporean(s) is that I am an (half or just forget this word) active player who was born in Singapore. Unfortunately, I asked around the zones, guild by guild, players by players, and that none of them answered me, even those who replied didn't have any Singaporeans.

    Due to the featured player/guild search bar, I was pleased to carry on seeking some Singaporean guilds but I found no answers from them. Perhaps a small chance to meet an active one is too slight or because of different time zones I should meet when I could meet them online?

    However, as the chat room system is featured, I want you, Singaporean(s), to join the chat room (not the guild) by typing 'Singapore' (without any quotation marks and with a capital S) on the chat room search bar to make a better of forming or finding at least an active 'made in Singapore' guild to make a future community to share between us as Singaporeans though we either live in overseas or obviously Singapore. Teochew, Hokkien, Tamil ,Malay as well as English is allowed.

    (I am not sure if giving a quick recipe of instructions or 'how to's' is allowed on the forum, if you may modify or delete this paragraph, moderator(s)). As the new update featured the chat room system, you may need to follow this :
    1- Tap on the private message icon also known as the couple icon on the bottom-right hand corner of your screen.
    2- Then, tap on the 'Chat room' tab.
    3- Just type on the search bar : Singapore
    4- Apparently, you are able to join.
    5- Enjoy!

    Moreover, this chat room is only for Singaporeans, those who live in overseas Singapore (only those from Singapore) and fans who love our smart island Any intruders will be out of our room, nah, just kidding if you like our country

    Bye bye,

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    supported!! err but a bit lengthy laaa ��

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    Of course, we still have not found some players from Singapore. And remember, the chat room is set to open, hence any Singaporeans can come to our chat room easily. I think fewer Singaporean players will come during the time. Maybe.

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