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Thread: Increase size of zone

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    Post Increase size of zone

    I think that zones should be increased in size. What do you think

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    Can you expand on your reasoning? Personally I don't I don't think it needs to be expanded. It's big enough for the amount of players it holds currently.

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    If the zone is in the green zone = NO
    If the zone is in the yellow zone = meybe
    If the zone is in the red zone = yes

    you can see how full the zone is if you go to world map
    And as 99% zones are green then = 99% NO

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    I kinda agree, Zone 24 is getting kinda hard to expand territory without stepping on any toes, I think a bigger Zone would be nice

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    I think some zones should be merged together, it keeps the competition going. Like 2 zones that were released at about the same time should be merged because it adds more to the game overall. More guilds to join, more people to fight.
    You will always get further asking with a weapon and a kind word than you will with a kind word alone.

    PTN, Zone 20.
    R^V, Zone 34

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    Idk about merging Zones unless guild max member is increased and I don't see that happening.

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