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Thread: Dimound mines

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    Post Dimound mines

    I think that the game should have mines like food, steel, etc but one for dimounds now there might be like 5-50 dimounds depending on location but something low so it's not overpowering.

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    The game allready has outpost for food, steel, energy and oil.
    And at the moment we have allso rebels that give out free cristals and other fast rss.

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    What about the diamond mine in the base? I don't use Facebook, it isn't a fair idea, how about you send diamonds to people in game?

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    Honestly, I think they do pretty well about giving players diamonds from events and such.
    You will always get further asking with a weapon and a kind word than you will with a kind word alone.

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    I do not like the idea. With great effort the rewards are achieved, well in events and awards rebels.

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    Na not needed.
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    Harvesting on tiles containg diamonds, i think is not neccesary, but getting diamonds from your own mine besides the fb feature is.
    It would be very logical to harvest diamonds in your own mine for yourself. T4f could easily adjust the number of diamond prizes or rewards.

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    when coupling the output of the diamond mine to a VIP level would be beneficial for T4F income as well.

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    I have the mine unlocked but am not getting my 100 diamonds per day....

    I am using the war simulator to gather diamonds instead

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    I have my diamond mine unlocked and i have had it unlocked ever since i stared this account. And i havent recieved any from it wtf
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