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    Post Guild Buildings

    I think a nice feature to the game would be guild tile buildings, these buildings would show in the zone as like Resource tiles and bases, but grant additional buffs and increases like Attack speed, defense increase, resource production, etc.
    in my opinion it should have the following basic things like:
    • It should be expensive to build, so that really new and weak guilds cant just build them out of the blue, but not so expensive to be cost prohibitive to the average guild
    • these Guild buildings can be hit only during PvP, which will put it out of commission for a while (maybe a few hours or so) However, it cant be destroyed except by the leader of the guild or if the guild disbands, they can also reinforce these buildings with troops if they so wish
    • it should be an area effect, not very sure how many tiles away but at least a 30 tile radius
    • There should be several different ones, one that's more for attack, one more for defense, one for resources, etc.
    • There should be a limit to how many a guild can build, three sounds good to me
    • Lastly, a Guild tile building can't stack with one of the exact same one

    I thought up of some idea's for what these buildings will be and what they do heres the three i thought up

    -Army base
    -Attack boost 10%
    -Attack speed 10%
    -Total health 5%
    -Air base and/or Air Strip
    -Air Attack 7%
    -Total Health 5%
    -Defenses Attack 10%
    -Defenses Defense 10%
    -Resources gathering speed 15%
    -Resources production 15%
    -Research speed 5%

    Lastly, a few other idea's maybe
    • Upgrading Guild tile buildings
    • Other, new tile buildings
    • Being able to move Guild buildings or not
    • Storing resources in guild buildings

    Sorry in advance if the editing is terrible!!!
    any other suggestions and input are appreciated!

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    Im with the idea but only one thing, the number of buildings is too low.For example, take a 90membered guild that didnt create a hive. The leader can build everythingnext to him and let the others without any benefit.There shouldnt be a limit for how many buildings you can build but the more you build, the more it gets expensive.

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    Hmm, i didn't quite think about that part, the reason why i put a limit on it is because i don't like the idea of the super powerful guilds being able to cover their territory with them, but that would also work well, also the first couple should be very cheap in this case then

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