Singapore Elite
is recruiting
any active Singaporeans, especially some foreigners
to join our guild.
We just installed our houses somewhere inside Zone 18 and are now looking for people, mostly active Singaporeans.Our guild allows people to speak Teochew, as well as Hokkien, English and soon Malay and Tamil if we have at least some

We can offer help by fulfilling our guild people's needs and our guild is just on the top 60's of the zone.

For Singaporeans and even those who are living in overseas Singapore : Just be active in-game, any participation by giving people some resources, reinforcing their bases or talking on our guild chat is a bonus.

Please note that we also welcome those who love our beautiful island

For foreigners : We may require you to be interviewed, but at least being active in-game is common for our guild. And that is slightly selective.

Moreover, if you speak one of these languages above though you are not from Singapore, you are allowed to join.

Please note that you can still join the Singaporean based chat room, which has nothing to do with our guild but welcomes Singaporeans, type Singapore on the chat room search bar then join. We can use it for interviewing purpose and recruitment

If you may have something to tell, mail me (find Mainly Mk) or ZYKLOPS for more information.

This time is exceptional, mostly for non-Singaporeans. We can close any non-Singaporean recruitment within less than a fortnight! Come join our guild based in zone 18!

Our tag is [SG9]

Languages for those who can speak one of these languages above :

In English : All
In Teochew : Mainly Mk (in pinyin as I do not read Chinese but just in phonetics as it should be fine though some writing and understanding accuracy problems).
In Hokkien : ZYKLOPS (he speaks a bit though he is not of Hokkien descent, phonetics make him understand).
In Malay : maybe soon. (Looking for a speaker)
In Tamil : maybe soon. (Looking for a speaker)