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Thread: Rosey the spy poem

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    Rosey the spy poem

    Hidden in shadows, I wait and wait. Watching and surveying all the day. Mask to mask, name to name. Hiding my face so I can win there way.

    I fake my heart, I hurt my loves. But as they push me away the enemy takes me away. They want my knowledge they think I'm bad. They didn't know what plan I ever had.

    For days I sat listening in every word and watched for ever expression so to be capture. Then read inside my head. There trust unbending there logic quite crude. But finally they show me the list of friends.

    Now for escape, quick and easily I'm gone without a scrape. Back in territorie of friends. I'm looked at with scorn, for they feel I am the enemy. But then I hand over all my things and show them the truth of things.

    Now they understand, it never was real. But as a spy I had to give a false rail. In and out I must change my face. To win over the other sides that hate. Now worry less for I have destroyed one snake nest.
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