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Thread: Zone Comparison

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    Zone Comparison

    GoW from Zone 24 here, around top 30 there. I was wondering what it's like in other zones? Rules, the people, the guilds, drama etc.

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    Zone 20 its a cycle. People hate the government, the government falls, New rules. Repeat.
    Its funny though, because the people who mainly fight and stuff are the ones that dropped mad cash on the game and have stacked power. The ones with the most power each run a guild and lead others to the monument. Once the gov falls they either join a new guild or start up their own an start the struggle again.
    I like my guild though.
    You will always get further asking with a weapon and a kind word than you will with a kind word alone.

    PTN, Zone 20.
    R^V, Zone 34

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    Zone 4 is ok, not to much complains outside pvp. For rules check my profile link

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