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    Lightbulb Rank names and amount

    I think being able to change the names of ranks in the guild would allow for guild to become more unique and all around more interesting. Also I know this has been posted by me before and responded to, I want peoples opinions on it, being able to change the amount of ranks that are in the guild. I think it would allow guilds to become more organized. And maybe remove the cap for how many members can be in one rank?

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    I completely agree with this. I would love to see the ability to at least change the names of the current ranks. For example, maybe the leader wants the R4 to do a job that's not listed as a title. It would make it much easier for organization too.

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    Wow, I actually really like this. It would help with organizing guilds a lot.
    So, would this add the ability to edit titles or add them?
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    Sorry that both applies to the ranks but what you just said about custom titles is a great idea to!

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