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Thread: Less PVP and/or more tweak

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    Exclamation Less PVP and/or more tweak

    Hello lady and gentlement,

    I know that the game is not yet done and their is still many thing that may change in the long run. However here is some idea that would help new player. Now, i understand that the goal of PVP is to create conflict and therefore to make people spend more in the game. But when pvp hit, the first target to be hit are new player who still not sure if the game suit their taste or not.If they get wiped again and again i'm not sure they would stay around to pay and to play.

    Now, while discussing that problem with many other player we've got an idea. You should tweak the game so lower power player loose less then higher power player. Let's say i'm 1m power and i have 60k t2 troop. I get attacked and i loose only 5% of my troop. I still can play the game. If a 10M player have same amount of t3 troop. He lost about 50% of his troop. This way, it's much more complicated and time consuming to zero a base of a lower level player then a high power player.

    Now, as for the PvP part of this. So far in about a week or two we got two 24 Hours Pvp and a 3H hours one. Those pvp also had reward for Rank 1 of 44k diamond worth of stuff and here is what it mean... You've put a 200$ worth bounty on the head of every low level player in your game. Because for such hight price it's clear that all high player will attack middle and low power player. Middle player will attack all low power player and that mean all lower player get destroyed 3 time this week.

    So, here are my suggestion for that problem. First : Make sure people loose less troop by making a power level based system or just make sure that the garage can save most of the troop in combat. It's less punishing that way for new player. And with the power level base system it could be more punished as we go along. They are stronger and therefore can take more. Second : no more 24h pvp event. This give too much time for power player to wipe most of the other player in a zone, wiping all the low player. 3H PvP are better as it give less time to attack everyone. they would then have to make a choice. and the best way to get most reward point would be to attack other power player to get the most point in faster. Even a 1h PVP even would be the best way of doing thing.

    If we are honest about that. You are here to make money from player who decide to play. And i'm here to enjoy the game. Now, both of us have the same goal in the end. More you make money, more i'll enjoy the game since you'll make it better. And the better it get, the more people decide to pay for it. And so i believe that for making more money we actually need to make sure the new player won't get wiped every week.

    Hope you enjoyed my little suggestion. Take care.

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    So why not use a bracket system? Where at a given power level you can only hit so far below A 15mil player can't hit below say 10mil

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    Good idea ��

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    I don't like the idea of a bracket system in this game. It makes it so the government can't control middle and lower power players. Do the troop loss system that changes depending how much of a difference between your power is like he mentioned up there, it would encourage battle between people of equal power and discourage bullying

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    The bracket system also break the ability for smaller player to team up to overthrow someone bigger. 10 player with one millions can kill a 10m player if they do it good.

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    thanks you. hope that people will give their opinion more on the subject. It would be useful

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    Don't see the point of your idea
    First off I'm sure you have heard the before " it's a war game "
    But what would be the point of getting to that high lvl if you would just be penalized for it
    I'm not the biggest but I'm definitely not the smallest player but for me there is no point to hit the 60k power player even the 150k power player because you don't get that many points and you would have to port all over you zone now if I'm burning a hive I may hit the liille guy just because I'm already there but if he was smart he would have a ghost rally and would only lose a little cash
    Sorry to ramble but I guess my main point is learn to protect your troops by shielding ( but that can cost money ) of my choice is a ghost rally

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    It's a war game, wich doesnt mean it need to be punishing for new member. And even the bigger player. Creating a "Loose all" situation is the best way to push people away from the game. And what is a war game without people who make war? You talk about ghost rally. but yet again new player don't know about ghost rallying. I was 2m when i got to know what ghost rally was.

    Even then, when a player is 7m, that he paid to get there or not, and that he get dropped 2m. He lost not only money but time. And when we know that troop could take 9h to train, 2000 troop T2. If he loose about 100k troop by being zéroed that mean he lost 450h total. wich is two week and four day of troop training. And i don't even talk about defense.

    At the very least, a 10m player effectively learned how to defend himself. Newer player are therefore more punished as they don't know how to protect themself. Also, the guild system is by itself mostly rewarding for hight power player as they tend to join same alliance. Wich therefor can give each other more help then small guild.

    It's not about not having war. It's more about making it less punishing for player.

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    Heh I no likey this ideal I been zeroed by 10 mil give zero crap. But if you talking about reducing my troops damage and effectiveness nananana. You ain't comeing near my troops. That why players are encouraged to be smart and forward thinking I saved my troops 10 fold by just sending them out on a farm run. If you lose your troops that's your fault lol. Okdoki loves, Rosey troops will slaughter you with love and bullets.
    I'm rosey the foxy woxy that is just so lovable to all. *hugs for everyone *

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