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Thread: actual TRADING for the trade system and rename the old system

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    Lightbulb actual TRADING for the trade system and rename the old system

    So there is no actual trading going on, so lets redo it so that one player can propose a trade like, I send a proposal to newbie163648, he opens it in his mail and it says 5000 food for 4500 energy, he has two buttons, one says accept, the other says reject. And if they accept, the two planes begin their journey with the stuff and if one recalls a plane, the other would recall as well. And the old system would be renamed supply, and now you can supply your guild mates rather than doing these one-sided trades that arnt even trades

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    I like the idea if you would be able the trade outside of your guild
    Also no pre set ratio ie 1 energy is equal to 3 food I should be able to trade 200k food for 10 k oil ( hopefully with no tax )

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    Tax will stay no matter what but ,yes, no pre made ratio

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    guild members at this time can send resources to each other through shipping. maybe if the outside guild trade was between guild banks not individuals. would possibly help with guilds negotiating alliances rather than member to outside member. however I would like to see the black market rather than being random be stocked by our guild members who have that permission at rates that are consistent so that we know what we will be spending and we know what is available and we can get what we need when we need it.

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    Great idea but, I like tge trade system already.

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    Ok this idea is not about outside guild trade, its about renovating the trade system to be more like and actual trade.

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    How about this for a trade system

    In the resources bank in guild tab let people donate but also leave the 10% gain from rss tiles...people can also trade from guild bank.. it will build your resources bank depending on your guild. If there feeders or whatever.

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