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Thread: Api integration

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    Question Api integration

    Hi devs,
    My idea is to integrate stats team, the events on the website.
    You thought what?
    sorry for my bad English. I am French and google translate my friends

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    So your idea is for event stats such as rankings to be posted live on the forums? If so then I really like that idea. I would like to see global statics of events across all zones.

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    nice idea would be fun to see graphics and history of players.

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    yes, with graphics.
    1) Statistics and graphs with all areas
    2) Statistics and graphics in each zone

    If it suits you, his will be happy to help you.
    The game itself is great. Continue like her!
    Have a good day.

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    au pire mets ton idée en Français et je ferai la traduction mieux que google translate

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