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Thread: Cast out, but thrown back in. poem

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    Cast out, but thrown back in. poem

    As I sit and listen, the world blocks me out. I feel lost and misguided. With no escape from this terror that haunt at me.

    My wrath was burnt out long ago fighting to win back which was taken without warrant, not a single warning. Then lost in a sea of bleakness.

    I tryed and swam but got pushed back. I yelled for help and only whisper pass through the air. Why at last I seem to give up. But when my eyes open I was on land again. I could stand with no restiants. Was this meant to be or a slip. A miss in the system that throw me back to this land.

    The world has let me back in. I will not let it get rid of me so easily again. I will stand with fierce passion as I did a lifetime ago. Now I seek the reason I was cast out without a sight of my misdeads. I want to know even if it sends me down the same fate.
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