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Thread: Being found immediately after random teleport

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    Being found immediately after random teleport

    During PVP, I was attacked by a much larger player. I used a random teleport to get away from him, only to find that it took him less than ten seconds to teleport next to me, despite being over a hundred kilometers away. Clearly he did not search for me given that tiny timeframe. I teleported away again, having an even larger distance from him, only to find he did the same thing again.This makes the random teleport kind of useless, since it cannot be used to escape enemies and that is its main function. Being surprised by this, I lost a lot of troops. What I want to know is, how did this player find me? Was it a bug or a glitch? Perhaps a hack? Or is this actually a designed part of the game?

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    You sure someone in your guild wasn't telling him where you were porting to?

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    Within 10 seconds? No way. Even if an R4 were tracking my location and telling them, it would have taken longer than he took to teleport to me.

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    Do you have a prisoner of that/any guild? You can track where your captured commander is and if you have someone's commander, it's simple for them to tell another player where you are.

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    I don't think I did. I attacked a lower level member of that guild earlier, but I lost several battles so the commander should have gone back early, while hr was still able to track me after that.

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    Hi Vindictive! Sorry for what you have experienced. For your issue, this is because when the enemy is scouting/attacking your base, use teleport will result that the enemy’s march instantly reaches at your base. The system will give player the warning when he/she tries to teleport. Please kindly have a check! Thanks!

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    That does explain how he found me the first time, but the second time around I used two random teleports, one right after the other. He still found me. So does the game still tell him where I am after that?

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    If you don't mind, please send the screenshot of the battle report to us. To keep your account information safely, you'd better send the report via mail or via private message. We will check this issue for you. Thanks!

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    Sounds like he was rallied on you........always check defend tab before you move

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