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Thread: Notification on crash problem of version 1.25.1

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jesse Turner View Post
    I can't log in, stops loading at 74%
    il mio account è dobermann67 server 51 non riesco ad entrare da stasera alle 21,30 ho speso soldi e tempo per che cosa?
    Quote Originally Posted by Oden347 View Post
    I am on the latest version of the game... I am owner of the guild Uncle Jack, in addition I am A level 18 player. I have invested over $1,000 US into this game. I have several guilds I am allied with... my players, my guild , and my allies.. They all expect my input, my advice, my defense, and my offense... I have worked very hard on relationships in this game, I cannot imagine the damage that this crash is causing to my game and the game of countless others. My name is worth over $1,000... If you add in the games of my friends and the people underneath my guild, wow, the money would be exponential... You guys must compensate for this. This is not right!!! I have reloaded the game, I have erased the cache, I have done everything that you guys are suggested including trying to enter the game on different devices. Everything stops at 74% ellos no further... Please advise

    Michael J Saxe
    Quote Originally Posted by Grouch Bossinger View Post
    Loads to 74% then stops "server timeout". Tried to get in on 3 different devices, wifi & moble, and on different accounts. Worked ok most of the day. Stopped working about 3:30 EST. Bad timing all 4 commanders will be in trouble in a few hrs, 3 ghosting, 1 unprotected.

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    Just received notification that my shield is about to expire but I still can't log in. If I get zeroed I'm gonna be so p###ed of after using shields over past few days to protect, it will all be wasted if it just results in being zeroed due to game fault , not to mention time and cash invested to build what I have

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    Wow hours down. Loads of time and money put into this game --and we can't get a polite "We're sorry. We're trying figure out what the fug's going on" message?

    At least say something management

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    Its been 3 hours now and still i cannot log in into my game. I spent too much money on this game already and i think i deserve some answers....

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    £1300 invested In this, sort your yourselves out, or I want every single penny back!!

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    I better get 100K diamonds for not being able to login this whole day right when another guild just declared an all out war on us!!!!!

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    If I see the # 74 one more time!!!!!! Wtf???!!!!

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    Anyone going to answer us hello I but a good bit of money into this game

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    Y can no one log in at all? Will this be fixed soon?

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