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Thread: Comment on Invasion: Wonderfields!

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    well i love evrything espeshely the letters but im unhappya bout the graphics ishue some grapchics got brokin with new update and work on the spamm block systim i log on after 5 hours of not playing i post a messege post another one and it blocks me

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    Good additions to game play. Would be great if simulator change to have diamonds mire frequently! Looking forward for more chances to get more item boxes and diamonds!

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    I think they look really bad. Childish. And it clutters up the screen.

    Zone 17

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    I like it but would be nice that all special marks would be there also.

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    It's like😄😄😄😄

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    and my username is derpypie23 zone 55

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    The flags are unnecessary. They just clutter up the map.

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    I like any update to any game. Shows developers still care But maybe get a test server first to work out put any bugs before going live. Or maybe update during the week and not weekend.nyou miss out on so much if things messup during weekends.

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