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Thread: Comment on Invasion: Wonderfields!

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    Son geniales las nuevas actualizaciones de el juego estoy en la zona #36 sombra

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    I would like too say I love this game and that one thing I hate about it is the boxes in rebels I mean those could be repace by more diamonds or speed ups. Just saying

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    Owesome update... still have problem on my android s6 edge daily sign-in dosnt show anything

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    Just simbols looks better and please fix the chat when rebels event start i cant use chat every rebel event.And please more diamonds Lol
    Titan Rebel

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    Allow the privilege of placing letters expand beyond r4 Z36 Lithodora

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    Excelente juego. Saludos camaradas

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    I like this game could use more diamond in rebels take out the boxes in pvp.

    Player raiden king

    Zone 39

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    In my opinion, I think this can be use to guide your members in what areas they need to port or defend, and when you mark the areas with the letters, members from the guild can see the letter at the Territory map so it can be found easier, and of course, only that guild can see the letters instead of the whole zone.

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    Do the diy letters block new resources from re spawn ? And why are they available to purchase for anyone but you have to have high rank to use them. And who gets to pick the flag on the state. And if someone leaves little resources on tiles why can't their be a list of the last 5 who collected at least for monument holders to see.. Z53 is what's up.

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