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Thread: Server timeout

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    Well.See the good point.They will give us good compensation worth 80k diamonds.

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    Yeah It is good but I am not very happy if I got zeroed cause of this

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    I'm from 39 gets to 74% and times out. Wish someone from T4F would post something on this.

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    I really hope nobody can log in before it is fixed...

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    So what do we know has anyone heard from t4f on this issue.

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    I'm getting that problem as well been trying for a while now and still not work

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    I'm in zone 14 and I went offline for maybe 10 minutes and when I went to go back in it keeps stopping at 74%

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    I've got same problem, zone 55, shield run out and at war with another guild, guess that's me zeroed then, thanks t4f!!

    What compo are we gunna get for this, better be a lot!

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    Haven't been able to log in for hours now..
    Zone 42

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