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Thread: Server Timeout Cant login from Facebook or Tap accts

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    Problem seems to be solved. I'm in the game again

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    Still will not let me log in facebook account gives me a blank screen. The account linked to Google Play works just fine trying to switch over to my facebook the only thing I get is a blank screen

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    Logging on as a level 0 with tutorial. Was on 10 this morning. ? HELP

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    Hi guys! We are very sorry for the inconvenience this issue has caused to you. We have fixed the login issue urgently. Please kindly have a check. We will make the compensation for this issue after we evaluate the scope of effect. If you still cannot log in, we kindly suggest you to click Can't Login at the top left corner to send e-mail to us. We will help you with it ASAP. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation!

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