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Thread: Server Timeout Cant login from Facebook or Tap accts

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    Same in North East England over an hour now and my 3 day shield wasting by the minute

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    same issue…… this is becoming an almost daily issue. along with zone and guild chat problems

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    Does any one know when the scheduled outage really was for.. I saw 6:00 -6:00 but didn't bother to see what time zone or day

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    same problem n i have a 24 shield wasting to n im not happy bout it either

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    Can't login either in NC

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nathan Rader View Post
    Approx 1 hr ago I looked over and saw my Facebook login to Invasion would not reconnect. All I am getting is Server timeout. Located in Houston Tx, the App will not let take me to the login page for Facebook / Tap accts.

    App V 1.25.2(32178)
    Freezes at Entering Game 74% point and then displays

    Just says Contact us Fan Page, Forum / Mail
    Getting the same problem here / from middle east ..

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    You are double protected now

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