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Thread: Transferring to a new guild and bringing your territory with you.

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    Transferring to a new guild and bringing your territory with you.

    Exactly, step by step, how do you bind territory with individual player when transferring to a new guild. Many of our new members have tried it but their territory does not transfer.

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    In answer to your question this is how it is done.

    First: ONLY territory that you have occupied since the feature went live will be bound to the player who occupies it.

    Second: You MUST select the option "Transfer Guild" in order for the territory to follow you. If you simply leave a guild or are booted the territory will remain with the guild and not the player.

    That is it. On another note regarding this subject there is a built in "Cheat" that can be exploited during occupation events. It goes like this:

    Transfer to a guild, (an alt guild for example) along with your land that has been bound. Now quit that alt guild and rejoin your previous guild. ALL the land that was bound to you now remains with the alt guild and you can now re-occupy that same land without regard to "stealing" tiles.

    Example: Player A has bound to them, say 500 tiles. They transfer to another guild taking those 500 tiles with them. Now, you quit the alt guild causing the 500 tiles to remain in control of the alt guild. Once back in main guild you re-occupy those 500 tiles with not worries of being accused of tile stealing. And of course you can do this over and over again. While doing this trick you can really build up and pad your Occupy Ranking, every time you quit a guild causing your bound occupies to remain with guild your bound tile count returns to zero.

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