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    Exclamation Chat Function Crashing App


    I am having a problem with my chat functions. Pretty much all actions including starting a new private chat, sending a message, opening guild chat, and looking at mail are crashing my app. Sometimes when this happens, I will send a message, the app crashes, and I go back in to see the other person responded, but I can't see the message I sent. The other person has no problem viewing it.

    As this just exits my app, I can't provide any helpful screenshots.
    I am on zone 34, my user ID is "Hail Hydra" and I am playing on an iphone running the latest version of both iOS and the app. This problem happens very frequently and is easily replicated.

    Let me know if there is anything else that might be helpful.


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    First thing test this uninstall and reinstall and let me know if it worked

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    Hi, reported it as a bugbalso but like tonshare it here since more people have the same very serious issue. a friend of mine got zeroed because of it.
    The situation is this, when receiving or sending pm, the device (on both android and iPad) becomes unresponsive for 10'to 15 seconds, which is very very long.
    Do morenpeople experience this, if so post your findings so dev knows this should be fixed asap.

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    The issues could possibly be that you should maybe clear out some stuff on your device, your Memory may be nearly full.

    However, if that's not the case and reinstalling the app didn't fix it either, you need to post your Device and Version, an example of this below would be..

    IPhone 5S - IOS 8.3.

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    IPad 3, iOS 8.4 and I have 20 GB space left. also on android same problem.
    This is a major problem, my device gets unresponsive for 10 sec's when receiving mail or pm and when i send message it takes first 10 sec after pushing send then another 10 sec go go back to the games by pressing the < button.
    I removed game and reinstalled it same problem.

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