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    Exclamation Invasion4You - The Fansite

    So, after so many request of an Invasion Fansite i've decided to put one together and hopefully is to be used by many current Invasion players aswell as new ones.

    What will the site be called?: Invasion4You.
    When will the site be up and running?: Potentially in the next couple of hours.

    The Site will include
    - Guild Forums (Create your own forum accessible by your guild only)
    - Tips, Guides & Builds to help newbies and current players too.
    - Events for each Zone & State.
    - News Articles based in and out of the game.
    - Guild & Player rating systems.
    - Rate Rankings.
    - In & Out game prizes to be won.
    - Fansite forums.

    The rating systems is review based, meaning it will be reviewed by a site Administrator to protect that guild or player from spam.
    All ratings will be added into a ranking system, build a good reputation on the game and you can potentially be at the top of them rankings!

    So another question you guys will ask, how will we protect your guild forum from outsiders? It will be passcode protected, only your guild members should be aware of this passcode unless you have given someone else access. Your forum will be totally editable by your Forum Administrator (The Guild Leader) giving you total control over what goes on your forum, what needs to be deleted, edited & practically all the tools you need!

    Website link to be posted later - I'll keep everyone interested posted and if you wish to get in touch in-game, contact me in #1 with the username "Just Ace".

    Peace out Commanders!

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    There is the fansite URL, lots and lots to come yet!

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    Fantastic job on the website!

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    I like it so far.
    I'm rosey the foxy woxy that is just so lovable to all. *hugs for everyone *

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    Now that's good I'm gonna dive deep into this website
    Yours senserialy CALLYDR210

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    All comments appreciated!

    Thanks all for checking it out and hope its an often thing!

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    Hey All.. any other site aside from this? site is down

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    Quote Originally Posted by sAnstyLe View Post
    Hey All.. any other site aside from this? site is down
    This is a very old thread so I doubt that it'll be up again, and probably no other fan sites anyways.


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