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Thread: Rally system boost

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    Rally system boost

    Hey, I have no idea if this is ever preposed ( probably it has ) but here by I'll do it again.
    Once your in a guild you often have the planned attacked on some one ( a player or monument ) or something like a rebel... Now loads of them are in the Hive, some aren't and they accidently join the rally you've started... thats annoing to wait like 30 mins for a march while you only setted it for 5 minutes and their are 2 ways he/she could get rid of that time, Kick the player out of the guild and keep the rally or stop the rally ( and lose with the rebbel system 15 attack points... ). Than their is another problem, ghost rally mainly used by players with a decent amounth of troops and simply don't want to lose them. Fine deal and good. Here's the problem sometimes you accidently join in one of these rallies because you want to quickly join another rally but than misclicked and joined the recently started rally and he went off to bed... gone troops for a couple of hours...
    So to my main thing, my prepossess.
    1. The abilty to kick players from the rally to for come the long waiting of a march.
    2. The abilty to set an maximum time range a march could last, this is once again to for come the long waiting of a march.
    3. The abilty to leave an rally, this way you can leave the ghost rally and do other stuff with your troops.

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    There already is a way to leave the rally but your other ideas are good. You go to the map and select the button that lets you view your marches and that's where your troops will be, simply press the red x to call them back.

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    Yesterday I accidently joined a ghost rally, I tried every idea that people gave but joining a rally means you can't leave it anymore...

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    The only way to get off a rally is when the rally owner dispand the rally (canceles)

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    Quote Originally Posted by D3vil5ro53 View Post
    The only way to get off a rally is when the rally owner dispand the rally (canceles)
    Or you simply kick the player or he leaves the guild in order to let him out of the rally.
    But that was what i'm trying to make easier because it's pretty annoing.

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    there are march speeds that people can use to speed their troops to the rally leader.

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