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Thread: Spying and espionage.

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    Spying and espionage.

    Hello everyone, TiLt here from zone 14's *SR clan.

    Today I'd like to pose the sujestion for the addition spying and espionage as the title says. This would increas what scouting does for you. I sujest that either at level 10 or 21 (as these are important levels already) that you build a spec ops base. This would let you do a few things...

    Sabature: reduce the defending players efences by destroying some of them from inside there base before an attack.
    Spy: Get notified when an enemy starts a rally, goes on a march, and when/where they teleport as long as the spy lasts.
    Assassin: send a elite unit in to attempt a assassination of the enemy leader (definetly only after lvl21). This would not offer any of the benifits of exicuteing a leader.

    Military police: this would help frotect you from the above things. The higher there level the less effective the above things are. They would have a research tree makeing them slowly get better at defending against these yhrets and even capturing the enemy's.
    Interrogator: if the military police catch any of the above units, the interrogator could extract cords from them includeing their guild mates and also causes you to gain knowledge of the enemy ( so anything a scout would do) at the point at witch the enemy was sent.

    Comments? Ideas? Think it sucks? I'd love to know.


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    Personally I always believe adding to a game is great, more updates the merrier!

    However, I love your idea but I just think its too much of an addition!

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    Interesting but needs a lot of tweaking so not to over power any one highly exploitable right now.
    I'm rosey the foxy woxy that is just so lovable to all. *hugs for everyone *

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