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Thread: What is Glorious Guild and how to sign up?

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    How long will it take to be contacted if my application is accepted

    I am wondering how long it will take until I get contacted about verification in the beta.. Anyone know?

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    Also, how will I be contacted? Through line, Facebook, or in game?

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    You will recive a mail usualy but it may vary where you signed up

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    Should I of received a message by now?

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    hi..if i send wrong id can change it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Clarkson View Post
    How do u sign up??
    Hi, you can fill and submit the application form: to sign up.

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    Come join AF# in zone 58,Iam Comander Dapistol, I will accept you applybat AF#,AlphabForce1

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