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Thread: What is Glorious Guild and how to sign up?

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    I have applied an git my mark an have to hit any rewards yet my flag is set an us flashing but I can't figure out any thing else

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    Guild leader

    [QUOTE=Zelaya;5133]What is the line ID.

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    I'm from Zone 29, can't finish sign up and question requires zones (34-100). What is the link to app line?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Susan View Post
    (There will be only one contact person, so if more than one player signed up for the event, we will contact the first one who submitted the application form.)
    Some monkey in my guild has already signed up to this, but isn't the leader of the guild he has a gokd medal but can't activate it as he isn't the leader.

    I've now signed up, I don't mind not being contacted but if I don't get the medal then he's ruined this for my guild due to a one person rule.

    I do not know him so will not be transfering ownership of my guild to him like he wants me to do!

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    what is the numbers my guild members

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    What good is the forum if it's not accepting new posts

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    Im in zone108 tried to apply for glorious guild but zone number says it only goes to 100 . Plz help

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