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Thread: Your most valuable resource in Invasion Game

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    Why doesnt the translation function work for the game, fan page or isnt there even one for FB? Would and have had to put a buddys conversation in an translation dictionary to figure out what in the world he was trying to tell Never had a communication issue before online but maybe i dont get around much! Its all good!!!


    Not sure if this is going in the right spot? First post! Will learn....Thanks

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    ثم ماذا ؟!
    ثم ينظر الله اليك من فوق سبع سماوات نظرة رضا فتطيب أوجاعك كأنها لم تكن

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    How do I find terrorists if u click on it . And it doesn't take u there please help

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    #43 👀 port entrada si o no??

    Per futuro si mapa tothom de món 👀 👍

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    Nuevo #43 más oberta si a entrada

    .. 👀 mapa tothom de món 👀 😓😓😓😓🙈 ajuntament si o no????

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    [QUOTE=Lluis Quellos;38739]Nuevo #43 más oberta si a entrada

    .. 👀 #43 nuevo

    tothom de món 👀

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