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Thread: attacking friom higher players

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    Question attacking friom higher players

    I think yhat the game should have a limit on who you can sattack. Like if younare level 10 dase then no one hibher than 13 could attack you and so on. Because when yne hibher ranking players level 15 and above attack some one lower then it makes it real hard to get rhe resources gathered again to be able to level up. If they would put in this limitation then i think the game would be better for all to p,ay

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    I don't think this should happen and the reason is besause you can have someone reinforce you and I level 15 you get tier III troops so at that point you basically can go against anybody and had the same type of troops a hat because let's be real nobody has tear for troops they take half a year to make. You can also rally your troops someone's coming to hit you and with resources you can quickly gather them back up

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    We have set up in zone 4 that people are divided in to 2 groups 1mil + players and up to 1mil players. Both play in there class. If a higher player hits a new player or a player that is below 1 mil then he will be zerod.

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