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Thread: Rank 1's can rally?

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    Rank 1's can rally?

    how do i prevent newbies from hosting rallies against other guilds. i am trying to protect my members yet a couple people are putting my guild at risk. so again, how would i make it to where they cannot hold rally calls

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    What zone are you?

    And could they be fake rallies to prodect troops or do they realy attack?

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    You cannot actually prevent someone from rallying. As Devil said they may just be holding a fake rally to protect their troops. If this is not the case then maybe you should consider kicking these members out of your guild.

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    So, im not going to say this to be demeaning to you. But if you are having issues with members, then it would appear you as a leader havent gained their respect. With that being said, yes, you still have members that do things like this. As a leader, you can ultimately kick those people from the guild. I have had to do this too. It never fails that there will be some members who do not participate actively in guild chat or even respond to mail. When you reach this point, the only thing you can do is remove them from your guild. I've noticed many of ones Ive kicked have gone into their mail box, found a mail from me, then asked why. And I will kindly let them know. I may even make an arrangement to allow them back in provided they participate more and respond to mail. And if they fail to do so, it is bye bye for good.

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