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Thread: The Newbie's Guide to Occupying Territory

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    The Newbie's Guide to Occupying Territory

    Hello everyone,

    I hope you enjoy these tips about occupying territory. if you have any other comments or suggestions, be sure to comment below. (:

    How to Occupy Territory

    The first step of occupying territory is to go to your map screen by tapping on the blue button in the bottom left hand corner. In order to help you choose which tile to occupy, you will need to tap the territory button, which is the button with a flag on it located below the Hide/Show button in the top right corner. if you begin to move around on your map, you'll see guild names on each tile.. Once you've joined a guild, you can click on any tile that isn't already occupied by your guild and then click the occupy button. A screen will pop up and will give you an estimated occupation time in the lower corner above the march screen. Hit your march button in the bottom right corner and your troops will be occupying in no time.

    Benefits of Occupying Territory

    Occupying territory is used in some guilds to show whether you're active or not considering when you look at a person's file you can see how many they've occupied in total and how many you've occupied in the current guild you're in. Take note that if you leave a guild and then rejoin, your occupied tile count will reset once you rejoin. Other than showing activity, claimed land provides your guild with a gathering boost of 20% and also get a resource bonus of 10% which will show up in the guild bank. Occupying territory is also a good way to keep enemies away outside of PVP because another guild can't teleport onto your guilds land unless it's during a PVP event. Take note that they can teleport onto unclaimed land though, so make sure you fill in every tile around you.

    The do's, dont's, and can'ts of Occupying Territory

    As of right now, you can not occupy a resource tile. You will need to fully drain the resources from the tile and then occupy it. Also, you can not occupy a tile that doesn't neighbor a tile that your guild already owns. If you teleport out into the middle of unclaimed land, you will need to start occupying those tiles directly beside your base first. From there you can move out in whichever direction you'd like. You also can not occupy a tile your guild already owns.

    Speeding up your occupying time

    Several things can enhance your occupying speed. The first is your march count;Using 100,000 Tier 1 troops will gather much slower than 100,000 Tier 3 troops. The next is your VIP level. Starting at VIP 1, your territory occupation speed rises. At maximum VIP, you have a territory occupation speed of 30%. The guild Occupy Territory event is the most important when it comes to occupying because you are given a 200% Boost.

    Occupying events and gaining points

    When it comes to an occupying event, people often wonder what the quickest way to get points is. Besides tile boosting, which is what I'll discuss next, taking claimed tiles is by far the quickest way to gain points. Even though during an occupying event the unclaimed tiles take 1/2 as time as claimed tiles, occupying claimed tiles for your guild is worth twice the amount of points and you'll only have to use half of the marching time than if you were if you were going back and forth to unoccupied tiles twice.

    Tile Boosting

    This is what I believe is the fastest way to gain points in a occupation event. Although you aren't gaining much if any land, you will rack up points fairly quickly. You'll need 2 guilds. having 1 or 2 tiles between opposing members, one person will occupy all of the tiles between the 2. Then the other person will occupy those same tiles. This works well because you don't have to worry about the long march times and you also won't have to worry about teleporting around and wasting diamonds.


    Please everyone keep in mind that in most zones, taking another guilds tiles is grounds for getting attacked. Also, since your troops aren't at your base when you're occupying, if you do get attacked none of them will go to the garages in your base and you will lose those troops permanently. With that in mind, it's your decision if it's worth the risk.

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    Thanks. (:

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    Great read and thanks for sharing

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    The Newbies Guide to Occupying Territory

    Only dark shades - its really not fun. But when the picture is ready, it would be a masterpiece I wish you to be patient and easy stitching.

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    thanks for laws. the badbaby haha

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    Buen tuto

    Gracias, buen tuto sigan asi!

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    Couple of questions
    1 difference between occupy and camp
    2. Once you finish occupying a square, don't you need to recall prior to the next occupy in order to keep March slots open?
    3. Once you occupy and recall, will the tile stay yours until flipped?

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