During the many PVPs that I've fought in over in zone 1, I've noticed a few things. Here I'll be discussing different ways to get the best out of your PVP. If you have any comments or suggestions, don't hesitate to reply.

During PVP, there are two types of people: the aggressor and the defender

The Aggressor

The Aggressor is the players that teleport around and hit people. These seem to be the ones that try to place in the PVP event. They spend lots of time, resources, and diamonds trying to get their Destroy and Damage points up. If you're interested in being an aggressor, here are some tips:

  • Be sure to scout and set up your formation before attacking. Tanks are strong against SUVs, SUVS are strong against Helicopters, and Helicopters are strong against Tanks. If the player has defenses, then you may want to send Cannons also.
  • Be sure to reset your talent points for attack (not defense) before attacking. Both your research and also your talent points can easily change the outcome of the battle
  • If allowed in your zone, try to attack players who are on tiles and not player's bases. that way every kill you get will be destroyed instead of damaged.
  • Try to teleport on tiles your guild owns so you don't have to spend diamonds on advanced teleports
  • If you have the troops, use a march capacity boost to send the maximum amount of troops you can for the most damage
  • Be sure to use a attack increase item (HT-M missile) to raise your attack during battles
  • If you have your prison unlocked, you may want to find easier targets and attack them for their commanders before attacking someone larger. this way you'll have an attack boost from your prison.
  • Make sure you send your commander into battle. Without him your talent points don't get used.

The Defender

The Defender is the player who waits for someone else to come to them. They usually use PVP just for the points unless they want to keep bringing their troops out of the garage. They spend less diamonds than Aggressors and they also don't have to spend as much resources because they use their garages to take the attacks. The downfall to this type of player is having to wait for someone to hit you. If you're interested in being a Defender, here are some tips:

  • Try to have a large garage space so that you don't have to worry about losing troops
  • Try to keep your total troop count below your maximum garage capacity
  • Reset your talent points for defense
  • Be sure to use a defense boost item
  • If you have the time, try to change your formation for maximum damage. Formation info is listed above in the Aggressor tips
  • If you can, use a peace shield or rally your troops after getting your PVP prizes to prevent further troop loss
  • Try not to have too many resources on you. Even though this makes you a bigger target which may be a good thing, you don't want players hitting you over and over to take all of your resources
  • You may want to produce defenses. although once these are destroyed you can't repair them.

Like I said, this is what I've noticed. I'm sure many players are a mix of these 2 types, myself included. If anyone has anything they'd like to add, you're more than welcome to.