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Thread: Requirements for lab lvl21

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    Requirements for lab lvl21

    I finally saw the requirements for lab lvl21, and this is the biggest cash grab I've seen by a developer. Requiring a lvl21 prison and HOW is insane, the costs to get those is extremely high and then there's the master prints needed for lvl21 buildings, and the lab seems to require them all.

    I'm greatly dissapointed in tap, for while I do spend a bit on the game, there's no way I'd spend that much, nor do I believe the majority of players would. Guess another way of tap letting players buy their Way to the top

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    just play the events correct and i managed to get the needed cristals around 45k together (did not buy) by the time it took it to upgrade from 19 to 20 so i dont see a problem there.

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    That's where t4f can make some money. Those big three need 600k diamonds. Save for it or pay for it.

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