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Thread: Events and Notifications of Group 5 (Zone#46~#48)

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    Lightbulb 4th Glorious Guilds Event - Activeness Race

    Event time: August 20th 10:00 GMT - August 24th 10:00 GMT

    During the event, the online time of all guild members will be summed up. After the event concludes, guilds will be ranked by the total online time and given guild rewards accordingly.

    • 1st place: Item rewards worth 50,000x diamonds
    • 2nd place: Item rewards worth 30,000x diamonds
    • 3rd place: Item rewards worth 20,000x diamonds
    • 4th - 10th place: Item rewards worth 10,000x diamonds

    1. For the top3 guilds, the total online time of all members should be greater than 300 hours. Otherwise, they'll receive item rewards worth 10,000x diamonds.
    2. All rewards will be directly given to guild*leaders for further distribution.

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    Post Results of Arm Race

    Until August 15th 10:00 GMT, we have in total 7 glorious guilds which participated our 3rd glorious guilds event- "Arm Race".

    Here list the top 7 guilds in the event as follows:

    1st place : Rest in Peace <Zone46> Total points: 16,457,004
    2nd place : Hour of Glory <Zone47> Total points: 4,658,544
    3rd place : LincolnWarriors<Zone46> Total points: 3,288,246
    4th place : GRIPRITE <Zone47> Total points: 2,985,320
    5th place : TemplarsCouncil <Zone47> Total points: 765,930
    6th place : Viking Warriors<Zone47> Total points: 677,802
    7th place : the jumpers<Zone47> Total points: 89,701

    Rewards are on the way to the guild leaders now, thanks for your participating and keep fighting!!

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    How do you guys get your results? Z46 RiP got to level 106-107 rebels.

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    Post Results of Activeness Race

    Until August 24th 10:00 GMT, we have in total 7 glorious guilds which participated the 4th glorious guilds event.

    Here we announce the event results:
    Rank Guild Activeness(Min)
    1 GRIPRITE 134,228
    2 Hour of Glory 134,124
    3 Rest in Peace 119,628
    4 LincolnWarriors 53,458
    5 TemplarsCouncil 33,899
    6 Viking Warriors 21,894
    7 the jumpers 1,999
    Top 10 guilds will be rewarded item rewards worth at least 10,000 diamonds!
    Rewards are on the way to the guild leader now. Thanks for your participating and keep fighting!!

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    I haven't received my exchange codes for last event yet

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