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Thread: More guild functions and chat optimalisation

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    More guild functions and chat optimalisation

    I've got a lot of alliances in my guild and I've thought about how it could be when there was a feature that could make diplomacy between guilds easier (sending ally request that other guild can accept/decline via guild management and make scout/attacking disabled between the allied guilds) and a sister guild feature that disables attacking and scouting between the sistered guilds and give an ability to join both guilds rallies/defenses.
    I also have some chat problems. The chat crashes the game when someone sends me a message or when another notification comes to me. It's very annoying. Fix it please!

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    Its been a while yall ever gonna bring back guild events solo events suck better see improvments or games getting deleted!!!!#

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    I have a similar issue where the keyboard constantly disappears. Makes communication difficult. Game also crashes shortly after that.

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    i agree on the diplomacy system, but if you people have issues with in the game i don't think they are going to look for bugs and glitches on this part of the forums
    if you have a issue go and see this part of the forum they sort out that kind of thing
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