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Thread: Bully's and harassment

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    Bully's and harassment

    I'm tired of being bullied and harassed, there should be a report button in the game so if you're being bullied or harassed you can hit it and someone can do something about it.

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    Most servers are monitored by a moderator now. If you know who is a moderator on your server, then you can report it to them pretty quickly. Otherwise, if you do not know who they are, you can take a screenshot and send it to the Invasion Support Team and they will take care of it.

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    Does T4f have a solid definition of "bullying" or "harassment"? The reason I ask is because while yes, harassment etc does go on in chats, and yes, the moderators are helping. However, as far as game play, it can be hard to distinguish between these behaviors, and normal gameplay within a game concept that focuses on warfare. Killing troops,burning bases, stealing resources, and claiming land are all part of game strategy.

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    Would be nice if people could just move to different zones its a big waste of money to have to play in a zone where sa handful of bad apples are allowed to ruin an entire zone and all fun in a zone ......our zone for example has a few people that have systematically bullied people.....harassed people....or however you wanna word it the point that almostan entire zone has shrunk to a boring and no fun zone......they flood people with disgusting messages and threats.....they fimd you on another app called line and send you horrible things...they have even harassed a poor fella trying to play game while in hospital......its sad when you like a game but habe to deal with a small amount of players that get away with such nonsense......and so far nothing has ever been done to stop point in spending more money on a game if this is considered ok......just is not right

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    We have same one guild domination with our government sending prize bounties

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    Lol the way the game is made it is OK to either buy your items for growth or you can play well and obtain those items in events etc albeit you can't beat a visa card but if you play smarter you can do very well
    This game is set up as a team work function for war based strategy , I suggest you learn how to work together
    And the fact it's a war game the enjoyment is for the thrill of battle not in who can build up the most and not get hit , if that's the case then like most will tell you ( go back to farmville)

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