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Thread: Hall of war and Prison lvl21

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    Hall of war and Prison lvl21

    Can anyone tell me how much war warrents and hand cuffs are needed to upgrade hall of war and Prison to lvl21 plz put it in order with exact value if possible I.e :-
    >HoW lvl1 - warrents 10
    >HoW lvl2 - warrents 50
    -and so on this r just example lol idk even how much it takes at lvl1 and 2 but anykind of info is good I am already at lvl11

    Thankies in advance

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    Thankies bro I can calculate some rugh numbers from that for other lvls required war warrent well but its to much tho 4500 means nearly 50k diamonds alone for lvl21 damn

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