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Thread: Comment on Invasion: ZVZ

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    Well in zvz we should be porting our bases in different zones so we can reinforced ourselves

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    Invasion should let people to be able to port once a while

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    Esta muy bien ahora corre mas rapido y la supermina esta de lujo

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    It's interesting can't wait to start

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    I think that the update made the game better. I like how you reward your players when you do this much better Game of War. I am not a big fan of the names above the building but I guess that will help out the new players.

    ZONE 83

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    Всё в принципе хорошо, только после обновления у меня подтормаживает симулятор войны

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    Ich finde es echt gut geworden weiter so Jungs.Zone #: 29 X: 299 Y: 421

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