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Thread: Comment on Invasion: ZVZ

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    The only thing I don't like aboutvthe guild mine is you can only open one at a time and onlybthe leaders can do it. I believe there should be r4's that can be appointed to help or be in charge of them.

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    Correct words please!

    When I click that energy mine building there is a info about that. And its last word is "ykselicektir"! But correct word is "ykselecektir" could you fix that and my language is Turkish... Good work

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    That would be amazing and can you add some server for phillipines?

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    another way to hit small players

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    Can't wait for zvz... Watch out for Dr4g0N

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    Comment !
    Hi hi hi



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    Good game play from. Egypt my name in game Egyptian

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    We Need more mines, wir brauchen mehr Minen!
    Die Einheiten sollten desertieren bei minusnahrung!
    Und die Produktion von rss hrt ab einem bestimmten Punkt einfach auf, das ist scheisse.

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