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Thread: Comment on Invasion: ZVZ

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    Quote Originally Posted by 卡卡西 View Post
    Invasion has been updated to the latest 1.27.0 version, do you like the Super Mine? We received many useful opinions and suggestions from the last "comment on new version" event, thank you for taking part! We will continue to hold this event, your opinions would be much appreciated!

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    Event Time: Nov 24th 10:30 UTC - Nov 26th 10:30 UTC

    Event Details: Leave your opinions or suggestions to Invasion v1.27.0: ZVZ in the reply section of this post along with your in-game username and zone number.

    Event Rewards: After the event ends, we will randomly select 20 players, who posted their opinion & in-game username & zone number and deliver 1,000 diamonds to their account.

    1.You can post multiple replies, but each person can only receive rewards once.
    2.Rewards will be distributed within 2 days after the event ending.

    Thank you for your support of Invasion!

    Invasion High Command

    Awesome update Zone 84

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    I really like it but maybe it could better if the super mine couldon't be temporary also I wish to advice if noone couldn't to teletransporter to guild territory during pvp too .

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    I think the super mine is great

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    New to the game. But already love it. Addicted lol

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