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Thread: Gift codes?

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    Gift codes?

    I get the invite codes but what and where do you get the gift codes it shows in game ? It says its a 12 digit code anyone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mrsector In View Post
    Yes someone please help...
    There are two kinds of codes in game. Here are what they are for...

    Invite codes: Are android only. You each have an invite code that you can share with the world, but each player can only use an invite code once... ever. You cannot use an invite code even if you start over on a new zone. The invite code gives you and the person who used the code free stuff. therefore if someone gives you their invite code feel free to type it into invite code. But only do it on the account you intend on playing forever because it only comes once.

    Exchange codes: These are codes that you can get from tap from events such as "glorious guild" events. I have received them from players from time to time, but those are just very generous players who are sharing their wealth :P

    hope this helps

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    Apply to -!- with a jumper today glorious guild and will be sending codes b4 too long

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    Didn't work please contact me

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