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    The villages of flying pop tart cats.


    Can you hear the shouting, the yelling the screaming of maddness. War, war they yell. What ignorance of this world they say. War is good, war solves problems, War save lives?

    Look me in the eye's, see where I stand. I have family and friends, I love with out a second thought. I am not lone. These people you kill, Do the same.

    War is not a cure all. War is evil done in the hope good will come from it. So I have the hope war will end. Cause no good comes from war but hate. Can't you see, all these problems still are not solved.

    You fight with a wicked passion and thoght. If your truly fighting for life then you fight for it, not to end it.

    So do you wanna play this game. Huh yes I hear these crys. But why should I care. You can't get away. Better wait to see.

    Tap,tap, I'm behind you now. Here your heart in my hand. You see how it beats. Quick without thoghts, we are starting to get somewhere.

    This is the story we play, Now let rewrite it. From page one cross out what you feel is fair. Now think, why are we here.

    Isn't to love to have ones to hug. Now put this gun to my head. That fear in your eye's of taking one life. This is right no matter what tears at you.

    So why worry about the one we loves. Why care for there gods and goddess of life. Why discriminate base upon a color or face. Do they not have family's or love same as you mate.

    Now throw this gun away or blow out my brains.
    I'm rosey the foxy woxy that is just so lovable to all. *hugs for everyone *

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    Very nice art man. Fantastic.

    Keep on the job, commander 😊

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    Interesting poem m8


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