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Thread: Favorite Guild Function

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    Guild help is my favorite
    Kamikazi 069 Z: 67

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    I like guild help..with a good active guild u grow faster

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    Cauios zone 17
    My favourite feature as got to be the squads I would love to see this idea developed and taken further.
    Eg. Communication between squads made easier. Objectives for squads possibly.
    I also am very much looking forward to the development of the guild buildings and what that will bring

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    Favorite function

    My favorite function is guild help always nice to shave a few minutes or hours off of a build

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    Mega víctima #68 todo esta de maravilla cofres de la aliaza,ayuda de la alianza, pero creo deberian mejorar un poquito el boton de traducción es muy pequeño
    Me encanta este juego

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    My favorite function is war simulator because of the rewards. We need more diamond rewards so we can get the things we want or need instead of what is given to us.

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    Mjrsmartazz zone 71, curious about the rest of the buildings in the guild area now and when they will open for guilds to begin to work on them. Right now guild events are missed and guild mine is best currently available

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