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Thread: Looking for a guild?

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    Looking for a guild?

    You're looking for a guild. You've seen it all. The guild with inactive members. The guild with people who'd take all the rss(resources) you can give, but can't send you even 5K cash. The guild, who's officers and leader are such ineffective strategists and hot heads that you're pitted against stronger guilds time after time, with your guild coming out as the losing side. Or maybe, you're just new to this game, and want a guiding hand in this harsh environment. Or you're tired of ineffective guilds, never finding the "right" one for you, standing on the cusp of giving up.

    Well brethren. Welcome, to the "right" guild. Welcome to United Germania.

    We are a dedicated group of players. We get online often, and we make sure you get the aid you need. We have friendly staff on 24/7, willing not only to help you with tips and tricks for growth, but also reinforce you to make that attacker think twice. We won't attack unprovoked, and when we go to war, it'll only because we can win.

    So what are you waiting for? The worlds your oyster, and here in Baghdad, zone 14, we will crack that oyster wide open.

    Here's some particulars:
    - English Speaking
    - Zone 14
    - 14 day inactivity kick
    - 300K minimum ( Though if you have less than that, message JARVIS to apply)
    - Active and ready to help.
    - Top 35 guild

    If you have anymore questions, ie, how to get to Baghdad etc, feel free to message JARVIS in game.

    We hope to see you in U:G soon. Goodluck

    PS: If you want, leave your IGN(In Game Name) and zone number below and an officer will be in contact with you ASAP. Or, just feel free to look for me in-game.
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    Feel free to join this group to apply as well or if you're a seasoned veteran of said guild.
    Zone 14, Baghdad.
    United Germania "Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum."

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