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Thread: Login Issues for iPhone and Android!

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    Exclamation Login Issues for iPhone and Android!

    Hello Invasion High Command,

    I would like to sincerely thank you for developping a fun game where even though players spend a lot of money, it is still playable.

    As for the iPhone and Android login issues, My friends also play the game and, when I couldn't login, I texted them through an off-game chat - They're locked out aswell.
    My friends use Android, I use iPhone. It is a regular update problem.
    When the server went down for 4 hours, it was due to open after the update and 114 was due to open. We have been waiting for this time and you have screwed it up, again!!

    I would gladly presume that you will be compensating all players with exponential rewards, and any player under HQ5 an extra newbie port - if they have less than 5.

    I love the game, It is fun to coordinate and battle, plan and utilize tactics but, when the game isn't playable, you wonder if others can log on and you feel detremented to play the game because, I have spent over 165$ on this game, I hope you will gladly see that your players who pay a great amount of money deserve a very nice compensation when their ability to succeed in the game is jeopardized.

    Thanks you,
    Chessie - R5 DoK - Zone 106 (Waiting to jump possibly into 114)
    Lord Chessie - R3 DoK - Zone 74

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    Yes I agree ive spent over 100$ as well and I finally hit 2 million on zone 79 and if I got attacked cuz I couldnt get on and they could then im gonna be reallly mad

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    Same issue. Can't login after Christmas update. Screen is stuck at 78%. I hope my shield doesn't expire and I get zeroed out. I've put too much money and time into this game for that.

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    Once again I can't log in due to a technical issue on behalf of tap4fun and if I'm zeroed because of it the compensation is insulting. Way to go t4f another screw up.

    Eagle79 Prescott 18

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    I put over 500 dollars in this game and I can't log in its stuck at 78% and if I get zeroed u will be extremely pissed and t4f will be repaying me or compensate Me something thru the game

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    Same here stuck at 78% and have put a lot of money and time and can't login !!! I get zeroed going to be pissed and want my money back!!!

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    I have the same issue as you guys every time they update alot of things go wrong with this game it won't allow me to log into game it says sever down 78%

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    Почему не могу войти в систему? Идет какой-то сбой, я обновил до последней версии.

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    Same happened too me I try to log in and i t stops at 74% when entering the game

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