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Thread: Server timeout

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    Server timeout

    guys last two updates is terrible hole game lagging and you say 4 hours server will be off but 6 hours is off repair this please

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    It's not we spend our precious time and money.. T4f you either fix the problem or refund our money.

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    Back to maintenance again, no time frame given. This is starting to make Kabam look good and that is not easy to do.

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    6hrs lol joke been 10hrs the amount of money thrown at this game you,d think they,d employ more than a bunch of chimps to do the proggramming and they wondering why guys quitting...Its because tap suck

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    I tried to log in with my tap4fun account and got stuck with it and can not login and switch back to my main account on Facebook..what the fuck is going on ? There guys need to pay serious amount of money for this.. You can't charge people hundreds or thousands of dollars and can do this..

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    I can NOT LOG IN AT ALL!! WTF??!!! Bet China isn't having these problems. Probably getting attacked right now!!! Smh!!

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    I sure china not having this problem sense they use vpn server's just to play invasion

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    I have a lot of patience,but this is ridiculous. I'm about to cancel my subscription!!!!

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    Tap4Fun are working hard to resolve the issue I'm sure, lets just hope we get good compensation after all this is fixed!

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    Ive not been able to get on since update. Keep getting server time out.lets hope they get this sorted

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